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September 16, 2020 Reading Time: 30 Minutes Contributor: IT Services

Microsoft Class Teams


Class teams are a specific type of Microsoft team with unique permissions and functionality.

Teams Knowledge Recall

Teams Navigation Video – LINK
Teams support hub – LINK


Class teams allow the teacher to:

▶Communicate to groups or individuals;
▶Distribute resources;
▶Set, assess and track assignments / tasks;
▶Host and record live teaching activities;
▶facilitate collaborative activities between students.



One of the most common uses of your class team will be to communicate with your students. This may be an announcement, information about key events, links to external resources or celebrating success.

Starting a conversation – VIDEO LINK

Adding Files

In order for students to work independently you may want to add files to your class. This may be curriculum outlines, presentations, worksheets or videos.

Adding Files – VIDEO LINK


You may also want to capture actual classroom teaching for your students by recording a teams meeting. This can be used by students unable to attend the session or by students wanting to revisit the learning in their own time.

Recording function – VIDEO LINK

Including live captions – VIDEO LINK

Enhancing your practice

The class team has a number of additional functions that can further enhance your teaching and your student’s learning. Homework can be set, collected and assessed through the assignment function. Quizzes can be used for recall or AFL through Microsoft forms. Students can be celebrated through the praise function and a world of extra possibilities are available through the class notebook function.

Using the assignment function – Video LINK

Using the quiz function – Video 1 Video 2

Using the praise function – Video LINK

Using class notebook – INTERACTIVE GUIDE