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October 23, 2020 Reading Time: Minutes Contributor: Helen Angell

CLF Autumn Conference 2020 – Curriculum

In this session you will have the opportunity to think deeply about curriculum and gain clarity about the complexities of what matters most in curricular terms. There will be some input including discussion with an expert panel as well as a plenary session where Senior Leaders tease out the complexities of planning.

As a Trust, when we discuss curriculum we do so through a variety of lenses including:

· The eyes of a child

· Self agency and preparing young people for their future

· The importance of subject

· Collaboration and communities of practice

In addition, key challenges are the concepts of recovery, the truncated curriculum and planning for blended approaches.

Throughout the session, questions and ideas are offered to allow you to engage in planning for the young people you teach. As resources, you will find the slides from the session, a summary of thinking from the panel discussion and a summary from the plenary: what have we learnt about planning? A curriculum think piece is also available.

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Session Video

Video currently includes reflection breakout (35min – 1hr 49.35Min) – please fast forward