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May 7, 2020 Reading Time: 20 Minutes Contributor: Sally Apps

A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic.

“We suggest the Recovery Curriculum is built on the 5 Levers, as a systematic, relationships-based approach to reigniting the flame of learning in each child”

As we consider our return to education for more than the few children currently served on site by schools, it is important to fully understand the emotional and social challenges ahead for the cohorts we serve. Everyone’s experience of Lockdown will have been different, and children will be differently affected by their experience of loss. Our role as educators and leaders is to welcome children back, in the spirit of “we have been waiting for you” and with a gentleness and a steadfastness that enables them to feel safe and to be safe, an assuredness that enables them to re-connect with themselves, with each other, with learning and with school life, and with a strong sense of how their individual and our communal recovery will look. This article seeks to set out a framework by which we can begin that thought process.

Author = Barry and Matthew Carpenter
Reading time: 20 Mins

Click below to access the article and return after reading to answer the reflective questions and deepen your understanding.

Reflective Questions – Click to Open
• What will be the external exemplification that relationships are effective, on an individual teacher/student level, and across a class, year group, school?

• What would be effective expressions of community post-Covid? Will these be different to pre-January 2020? Why/why not?

• How can a school provide ‘space’ for a child within an organised curriculum and timetable? What does ‘space’ look like in this context?

• What practical metacognition strategies do you know and practice that will help children on their return to critique their own learning within and beyond school?

• What should we be measuring in order to track our own progress in these areas?

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