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June 15, 2020 Reading Time: 35 Minutes Contributor: Kate Richardson

Term 6 Data Collection Training

These videos explain the theory underpinning transition this year, and how to complete the Term 6  data return. Please watch these videos in order of succession and use the guiding documents to support you.

Term 6 Transition Spreadsheet


Reading & Writing

The next stage will be to use this spreadsheet to support you with handover to the new class teacher. A model of this discussion can be seen in the video below (which will be Chris and Pip)

Writing Moderation

This video is an example of a writing moderation discussion between Chris Barratt from EPA (posing as a year 7 colleague) and Pip Etherington from EPA as year 6 teacher. They are discussing a child working at the expected standard (EXS) in writing at the end of year 6. They discuss how the decision was reached and what was taken into account. Pip also demonstrates giving useful and insightful knowledge of the child as a writer. This is a model for the conversation we aspire to have between year 6 and 7 colleagues across the trust as part of our next wave of handovers in term 6. It is also useful for colleagues handing over between year groups within Primary to see the level of academic detail discussed.