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July 9, 2021 Reading Time: 10 Minutes Contributor: CLF Institute

CLF Summer Conference 2021

Welcome to the CLF Summer Conference content area.

Below you will find the session recordings and resources from the conference.


Many of the sessions were recorded and can be viewed using the link below.


Some conference sessions were not recorded but presentations and resources are available. These can be accessed through the links below.

Session TitleResource Link
Activities for Great RSE (Relationships & Sex Education) Delivered by: Alice HoyleLINK
Behaviour in Science (dealing with individuals) Delivered by: Jenny StevensLINK
Breaking the cycle of inequality for the next generation of young people Delivered by: Poku  Osei  with Mo AliLINK
Decolonising the curriculum | Delivered by: Charlotte Black, WFA, Ellen Hardy, WFA, Nick Latham, BPA, Sarah Whitehouse, UWE and Justin Vafadari, UWELINK
Excel Training Delivered by: Lisa PollardLINK
How to increase active travel to school and why it is so important. Delivered by: Emma CocksedgeLINK
Improving outcomes for young carers Delivered by: Vicki HouselanderLINK
Learn to knit an organic cotton wash cloth Delivered by: Kimberlee DalyLINK
Nextlink Housing – Domestic abuse and Sexual abuse impact on Children and Young People and How to access support. Delivered by: Jayne WhittlestoneLINK
Number sense: building on the ‘early mathematical toolkit’ Delivered by: Fin McLaughlinLINK
Recognising common birds by sight and sound. Delivered by: Jon AngellLINK