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Becoming a PD Platform Contributor

“One aim of the CLF PD Platform is to give a voice to the interests and expertise of the staff within our academies and so we would love to hear from you”

Content Principles

We are looking for content that meets the following criteria:
▷ Alignment with the CLF HEART Values;
▷ Focused on improving student outcomes;
▷ Underpinned by robust evidence.

Content Types

There are a wide range of different ways you can contribute to the PD Platform. Just find the one that fits best and complete the contribution template through the link at the bottom of this page.


Articles can be physical documents, blog posts or website pages that you have read and found interesting. Typical reading times for articles is between 10 – 25 mins.


Videos can be actual video files or links to popular sites such as youtube or vimeo. Typical viewing times for videos is between 5 – 20 mins.

Sound Files

Sound files could be one off pieces or part of a sequential podcast. These again can submitted as files or links. Typical Listening times for sound files is between 5 – 30 mins

Think Pieces

Think pieces are the entry level for original content and can be used to present initial thoughts, personal opinions, analysis, or discussion, rather than bare facts.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are more substantial than think pieces both in size and academic rigour and provide an opportunity to explore topics in more depth and to bring together different view points.

Book Summaries

As the names suggests, this type of content allows the read to gain an overall impression of the book as well as the key takeaways prior to a possible purchase.


Workshops introduce a higher level of interaction for the reader and typically involve tasks to complete driven by content and reflective questions.

Making a contribution

If you are interested in contributing an article, video, sound file or book summary please use the following link to access the contribution template. LINK (you will need to be logged into O365)

If you would like to create a think piece, blog post or workshop please email [email protected] for further guidance.